Re: PROBLEM: page_alloc 2.4.1 kernel BUG running java 1.3.0

From: Manfred Spraul (
Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 14:09:41 EST

Rob Leathley wrote:
> [X] I have been suffering a lot of memory paging related Oops' on the
> above PC since upgrading to the 2.2.16 kernel. Most of these problems
> are fixed in 2.4.1 appart from the above. These problems don't appear
> on a faster machine (e.g. P3 733MHz) so could be related to race
> conditions? I appreciate that there is probably a bug in java 1.3.0 but
> it would be nice if it didn't kill the whole machine!

It's not a bug in java 1.3.0, that certain.
It's either a kernel bug or bad memory. Usually I'd say bad memory, but
your report is the third or forth one with __free_pages_ok(), so I
suspect a kernel bug.

Could you apply the attached patch to your kernel and run it until it
crashes again?


--- linux.old/mm/page_alloc.c Sun Feb 18 20:06:11 2001 +++ linux/mm/page_alloc.c Sun Feb 18 20:05:59 2001 @@ -70,8 +70,15 @@ if (page->buffers) BUG(); - if (page->mapping) + if (page->mapping) { + printk(KERN_EMERG "found bad mapping %lxh.\n", + (unsigned long)page->mapping); + printk(KERN_EMERG "page->mapping->nrpages: %d.\n", + (int)page->mapping->nrpages); + printk(KERN_EMERG "page->mapping->a_ops: [<%lxh>]\n", + (unsigned long)page->mapping->a_ops); BUG(); + } if (!VALID_PAGE(page)) BUG(); if (PageSwapCache(page))

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