Re: fsync vs fdatasync on Linux

From: Denis Perchine (
Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 07:41:59 EST

On Sunday 18 February 2001 18:22, Denis Perchine wrote:
> Hello,
> as fas as I can see from fdatasync man page, and from the latest kernel
> sources (2.4.1ac3, fs/buffer.c), they are equivalent.
> Using of fdatasync in database can gain significant gain on systems which
> supports it (on HP it gains up to 25% with pg_bench on PostgreSQL 7.1b5).
> Are there any plans to implement this correctly? And due to what problems
> it was not implemented yet?

Forget this crap. Seems I missed these lines:
err = file->f_op->fsync(file, dentry, 0);
err = file->f_op->fsync(file, dentry, 1);

Sincerely Yours,
Denis Perchine

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