Re: reiserfs on 2.4.1,2.4.2-pre (with null bytes patch) breaks mozilla compile

From: Frank de Lange (
Date: Sat Feb 17 2001 - 20:10:50 EST

> At least the patch didn't make it worse. Would anyone care to comment on
> how the elf-dynstr-gc option changes the file access patterns for the
> compile?

It does not change the file access patterns, it adds an extra step. A separate
binary (dist/bin/elf-dynstr-gc, a convoluted version of strip) is run over the
final (linked) library/executable to remove some symbol info. The elf-dynstr-gc
program is compiled as part of the mozilla build. There's nothing wrong with
elf-dynstr-gc on the reiserfs filesystem, it is identical to the one on the
ext2 partition. Running the 'reiserfs' version on the ext2 tree works as it
should, running the ext2 version on the reiserfs tree crashes (seems the
program is not very robust, as it does not detect garbled input files). As
said, running objdump on the corrupted (reiserfs compiled) library also
produces errors.


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