Re: 2.4.1ac17 hang on mounting loopback fs

From: Nate Eldredge (
Date: Sat Feb 17 2001 - 15:42:42 EST

Alan Cox writes:
> > # mount -t ext2 -o loop /spare/i486-linuxaout.img /spare/mnt
> > loop: enabling 8 loop devices
> Loop does not currently work in 2.4. It might partly work by luck
> but thats it. This will change as and when the new loop patches go
> in. Until then if you need loop use 2.2

I see. Thank you. I can live without it until then.

Btw, I applied Jens Axboe's loop-3 patch as suggested by Ville Herva.
It applied with some fuzz and offset. However, when I booted it, the
kernel oopsed when I tried to mount the first ordinary ext2 partition
(no loopback involved). I can post the oops if anyone cares, but I
presume that loop-3 and 2.4.1ac17 are just incompatible.


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