Re: Samba performance / zero-copy network I/O

From: Tom Sightler (
Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 15:49:35 EST

> > My testing showed that the lowlatency patches abosolutely destroy a
> > thoughput under heavy disk IO.
> I'm surprised - I've been keeping an eye on that.
> Here's the result of a bunch of back-to-back `dbench 12' runs
> on UP, alternating with and without LL:

It's interesting that your results seem to show an improvement in
performance, while mine show a consistent drop. My tests were not very
scientific, and I was running much higher dbench processes, 'dbench 64' or
'dbench 128', and at those levels performance with lowlatency enabled fell
though the floor on my setup.

My system is a PIII 700Mhz, Adaptec 7892 Ultra-160, software RAID1,
reiserfs, 256MB RAM.

Under lower loads, like the 'dbench 12' lowlatency only showed only a few
percent loss, but once you approached the levels around 50 things really
went downhill.

I might try to do a more complete test, maybe there's something else in my
config that would make this be a problem, but it was definately quite


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