Re: isapnp , 2.2.14 vs. 2.4.1 and awe_wave

From: Bill Nottingham (
Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 15:28:58 EST

Alan Cox ( said:
> > Probing around with test code in awe_wave.c, it become clear to me
> > that the card was not being initialized properly by my isapnptools.
> > Even more alarming was the fact that pnpdump would not see the SB card
> > at all under 2.4.1, unless I used the -r option, but would show it
> > just fine under 2.2.14.
> Dont mix isapnp tools with a 2.4 kernel unless you disable ISA PnP support
> in the kernel. It needs to have one or the other do it, not both

Um, earlier he said:

> Since I use isapnptools and did not compile in any kernel pnp support,

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