Re: Little question of mine....

From: Eli Carter (
Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 11:31:18 EST

fsnchzjr wrote:
> Please excuse my newbie question...
> I've been fooling around with module programing on 2.4.0, and I've made this
> little module for a char device that printk's (darn, my kernel log's growing
> real huge now!!!) anything I redirect into /dev/charmod (Hurray! I made my
> first module).... I have not yet implemented any read facilities, yet....
> and here's my question: What's IOCTL? What do I need it for?
> Oh BTW, I have this dumb little idea (please flame me if it's stupid...)...

Best run for cover... I see flame throwers everywhere.

Get "Linux Device Drivers" by Rubini and hang out on the kernel-newbies
list for a while... people there are more open to answering questions of
this type than most here.

But above all, don't let the flames from this discourage you.


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