[2.2.13/18] Machines Resets on long samba transfers..

From: Roger Gammans (roger@computer-surgery.co.uk)
Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 04:39:00 EST


Actually I think this might be PCI related, the machines detais are:-
   SIS 530 based motherboard..., 256Mbytes ram, limited to 240,
         with mem statement (Mem detect fails on 2.2.13, untested 2.2.18).
  Networks cards uses PNIC ,with old_tulip driver and RTL8139 with
rtl8139 driver (not rtl8139too) .

 I'm trying to free the ISA for a AHA-1502, but the presence of this
 doesn't affect this behaviour.

Behaviour is if the is a long read across the local ethernet to
the samba sever (such as a copy of a multi-megabyte file), the
sever resets, with no messages. Long reads (say copy of the same
file via ftp doesn't trigger.). SMB clients are win98, with
various network cards.

This worked fine, with an ISA NE2000 clone.

I've attached the config, if you need anything else
(ie, tcpdump trace) let me know and I'll try and generate it.

This is a production machine, so I need to resolve the
problem some way., new motherboard I guess.


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