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From: H. Peter Anvin (
Date: Fri Jan 21 2000 - 15:50:03 EST

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By author: Alan Cox <>
In newsgroup:
> > {"TOSHIBA","DVD-RAM SD-W1101","*", BLIST_GHOST},
> >
> > which doesn't implement it.
> >
> > What do we do?
> >
> > - Blacklist it as "doesn't support read-6" and implement
> > stuff to prevent read-6 if that flag is set?
> Is this ide-scsi. ATAPI does not require legacy command modes. If its atapi
> maybe ide-scsi isnt mapping right. If its real scsi then ask Toshiba for
> scsi firmware. Thats just too fundamentally screwy to bother with

On that general subject, right now the only way to send generic ATAPI
commands is to have ide-scsi on that interface, and nothing else.
This makes it extremely hard to use.

Either we should *always* send IDE commands through the SCSI subsystem
(effectively treating IDE as a form of SCSI; I believe NT does this)
or I'd like to see a way to issue generic ATAPI commands --
preferrably via a "generic ATAPI device" analogous to what SCSI has
(and parport IDE, I belive) -- i.e. /dev/hg0 et al -- or via an

There probably also should be an ioctl() for the cooked SCSI and IDE
devices to find the equivalent generic device.


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