Re: OFFTOPIC: Re: bzip2 for kernel dists?

Andrew Walker (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 14:12:39 +0100 (MET)

Mike Kilburn wrote:
> > Hmm.. I just tried bzip2ing vmlinux.. Not a big improvement.
> Big is a relative term. If you are 20K short of including something you want
> then 60K extra is big. Also look at what you save for the compressed root
> file system not just the kernel image.
> > Tell me, in your routers could your clients stand a longer then 1 minute
> > wait just for kernel decompression (that would not be a poor guess at the
> > decompress time on a 386/25...)..
> 1 minute booting would be a big problem but the slowest cpu we will ever use
> now is a DX4-100.

You maybe, but there's plenty of 386/16 and 386/25 boxes out there
running Linux (not to mention 8088/8086 boxes, but that's another
story). You can't just ignore these machines/users.


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