ppp and routes in 2.1.72

Russell Coker - mailing lists account (bofh@snoopy.virtual.net.au)
Mon, 15 Dec 97 08:21:27 +1000

I'm having some problems with 2.1.72. When I just use the Ethernet and
a single PPP device I have no problems. When I get another PPP device
going (someone dials in to my machine) it loses the plot WRT routing. The
main symptom is that I get routes assigned to the PPP devices which I can't
remove (even though by the time I get to see the machine the modem
connection has been dropped long ago). I've tried al the usual "route del"
and "ifconfig down" type commands with no benefit.
Any suggestions for ways of tracking this down would be appreciated.

My kernel config is on

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