Re: ncpfs problem...

Eloy A. Paris (
14 Dec 1997 16:34:02 GMT

Yuri Kuzmenko <> wrote:

: ncpfs in 2.0.32 (compiled with glibc) is broken. I use ncpmount 2.0.11 (from
: ncpfs package). Directories permissions always set to zero, files permissions
: defined by -g (!!!, there is gid!) ncpfs option. -u options works; -f and -d
: options are "ignored"...

This is not a kernel problem, it's an user space program problem. What
happens is that ncpfs (and smbfs as well) uses some variable types
like mode_t, uid_t and gid_t atht are two bytes long in libc5 but are
4 bytes long in glibc. So when you compile the user space programs the
kernel expects two byte variables but the user spcae program (ncpmount
or smbmount) pass four byte variables. That's the reason you see file
permissions set to zero.

I got full working ncpfs and smbfs packages under glibc. e-mail me in
private and I'll share with you my experiences.

I maintain smbfs and ncpfs under Debian so I can not be of help with
these packages and RedHat.

See ya!



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