Re: >64M RAM, 256kB cache.. will I have problems?

Pavel Machek (
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 18:16:12 +0100


> I'm currently running a Pentium machine (Linux 2.0.32) with 128M of RAM, but
> only 256k of cache memory. I've seen documentation saying that I'll need at
> least 512k of cache.
> Well, my system seems to work.. what sort of problems can I expect? Will it
> be anything more serious than a performance hit due to cache misses?
> The system seems to run fine (and yes, I've used well over 64M at once).

Try to do some benchmarking, then re-boot with mem=64M and re-try
benchmarks. You'll see performance leak. I have some patch with makes
linux prefer low RAM...

I would really like to make linux work nicely on machines with
dual-speed ram. I have 20Meg and only 16Meg are cacheable. When top
4Meg are used, machine goes to speed about speed of 386... I made some
patch but it is not too good. (Mail me for it).


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