MAD16, OPTi 82C930 and IDE interface

Harald Anlauf (
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 10:52:19 +0100


as I have an OPTi 82c930 based sound card with an IDE-CDROM running of
the soundcard's IDE interface, I would like to be able to activate this

I see two possibilities:

1) a patch to the initialization routines for soft-configurable CDROM
interfaces to the Uniform CDROM driver. I sent a patch (that I used for
about one year and a half) for 2.0.x to Erik Andersen, but never got any

(The original version of the patchset by Eric van der Maarel unfortunately
never made it into the pre-2.0 series, and is still not in. I am hoping
that it could be merged into 2.1.x).

2) a patchlet to the sound driver (actually essentially a one-liner if
the interface is to be configured as the secondary IDE interface, this
may not be desired with some (or all?) modern mainboards, more details
are in the full patch):

--- linux/drivers/sound/mad16.c.bak Wed Aug 14 09:21:03 1996
+++ linux/drivers/sound/mad16.c Mon Aug 11 22:44:55 1997
@@ -349,6 +349,8 @@
printk ("MAD16: Invalid codec port %x\n", hw_config->io_base);
return 0;
+ cfg |= 0x0e; /* enable IDE port */
mad_write (MC1_PORT, cfg);

/* MC2 is CD configuration. Don't touch it. */

Hannu rejected this idea because "it doesn't belong into the sound

Can anybody tell me how to proceed?