Re: Ideas/Suggestions for 2.2

Ben Woodard (
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 09:56:55 -0800

Is it concievable to make something like sun's kadb but from the gdb
sources? What kadb does is you boot it instead of the kernel and then
it boots the kernel. Then when when an non maskable interrupt comes,
it drops into kadb rather than rebooting.

I haven't looked at the linux source yet but I know it is possible to
vector certain keyboard interrupts into the debugger. So I believe it
is possible to do this from linux, however could someone comment on
the feasability of making a kadb type of debugger out of gdb.


> Linux Developer wrote:
> > Second; debugging. Yes, we have some REALLY detailed debugging stuff. But
> > I'd like to see MORE. ESPECIALLY at the kernel level.
> >
> > Shift-Scroll Lock comes in handy, but what happens when it's of no help?
> >
> > Why not add Shift-Alt-F1, and so on, mapped to more specific debugging
> > information at the kernel level. Another idea is the make the logging a
> > bit more detailed. I'm still trying to track down the cause of the "Unable
> Why not have a full blown kernel debugger on the reach of a hot-key?
> Perhaps
> gdb or something like that could be made to execute as a single process
> and
> be stuck into a kernel module?
> Andrej