Re: [2.1.72] very strange behaviour, please read

Stephen Thomas (
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 10:11:22 -0500 (EST)

Thomas Pornin wrote:
> I have compiled a 2.1.72 on my alpha machine, and it does not boot.
> Specifically, init stops when entering in runlevel 3. No error
> message, and hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del triggers the normal reboot sequence
> (killing processes, umounting filesystems, rebooting).
> [ ... ]
> PS: 2.1.66 works fine. 2.1.70 and 2.1.71 already had the strange behaviour.

I can't shed any more light on your predicament, but I can confirm
that I've experienced something almost exactly like what you
describe on an x86 (specifically, 200MHz PPro) running 2.1.65 (with
Rik van Riel's now deprecated vhand patch). Curiously, I didn't
get it on every boot attempt - I only saw it three times, but two of
those were on first boots of freshly built kernels. The third may have
been, but I cannot remember precisely.

I've yet to see this on 2.1.72 (but I'm judging from an inadequate sample
of 1 boot).

Keep well,

Stephen Thomas