iso9660 patch to read trans.tbl (ver. 4) (#2)

Nagy Balazs (
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 14:51:31 +0100 (MET)

Hiyas again (#2),

My next version of this patch is available. Iam sorry to those people who
wanted to download it, because our NIC provider didn't delegated us to .hu
domain. Thus, here's my latest patch against linux-2.0.32.

*Any* problems, flames, bugs, success reports are highly appreciated.

Excerpt from Documentation/

TRANS.TBL support
This option allows you to read TRANS.TBL-only ISO9660 filesystems
correctly. This means long filenames and device files. If you want
TRANS.TBL support, say Y, thereby enlarging your kernel (or isofs module)
by about 3kB; otherwise say N. If you want to use it, mount that ISO9660
filesystem with map=off option (eg. mount -o map=off ...).

This patch can be downloaded from:

If you cannot find, then try

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