Re:'java in kernel' defaults

Doug Liu (
Thu, 16 May 1996 10:26:05 -0700

Java in the kernel is working fine for me. I just wanted to
point out that according to Documentation/java.txt, the text
recommended unpacking the java distribution in /usr/local,
which would place the binary in /usr/local/java/bin.(This is
the recommended default in java.txt, as well as for the
distribution of JDK for Linux).

In fs/binfmt_java.c, the path to the java binary does not
coincide with what the Documentation/java.txt recommends.

So whether or not fs/binfmt_java.c should have the path
to the java binary altered, Documentation/java.txt needs
to be updated.

my new oath: I will write more comprehensible notes to this mailing list.