Packages that should be updated along with 2.0
Wed, 15 May 1996 20:20:40 -0700 (PDT)


I can't think of anywhere else to make this request, so I
apologize ahead of time if linux-kernel isn't the appropriate
Anyway, I think that two packages should be kept up to
date around the release time of Linux 2.0, just so that distributors
won't be left behind with broken stuff:

1) LILO. The current 18dev3 works well in most cases except for
floppy boot disks (sorry, I don't have an error log with me right now).
If distributors aer to take full advantage of bzImage+initrd, then
a release version of LILO 18 should be made available to them
ahead of time.

2) procps. I've read reports that procps 0.99a gives segfaults
with "ps -t". The Documentation/Changes file also warns of
a change in the kernel which broke the new procps. We need to
have a procps update so that we a flock of newbies won't come
running to us and asking: "Why doesn't ps work with Slackware 96?"
or "Help! top in Red Hat 4.0 is broken!"

Just my $0.02. Keep up the good work with Linux.

Arthur D. Jerijian           | Quote under construction       | |                 |