Re: Console screwed up - was: Re: Kernels -in and out

Jouni Pekkanen (
Tue, 14 May 1996 21:31:24 +0300 (EET DST)

> What I think Alan meant was a SVGAlib program that puts the console into a
> weird mode - I've had several do this to me - you can't reset the console
> with the above sequence, nor using "reset" nor anything else I could think
> of. (Is there a way of fixing without rebooting??)

SVGAlib's savetextmode and restoretextmode might do it, but haven't used
them since they used to crash on my previous card and haven't tried yet on
the new one.

What I usually do is first try running SVGATextMode and if that doesn't
work starting dosemu, typing vgaoff and exit there, and then fixing the
text size with SVGATextMode. If keyboard is in raw mode I use the dumb
terminal to fix that. Works 95% of the time for me, though last time I had
to fire up X to compile dosemu first...

Maybe someone familiar with vm86 and such stuff could write a small
utility for running the BIOS display rest code :)