struct sysinfo -- incomplete?

Ulrich Windl (
Mon, 13 May 1996 08:30:24 +0200

I've been playing with xosview 1.4 (which is really nice) when I read
the notice of the author that he doesn't understand current Linux
memory management. I've lokked into the code and found that struct
sysinfo (<linux/kernel.h>) has no field for the new "cached size"
that was added into /proc/meminfo.

Looking into the kernel sources of 1.3.100, I did not find any hint
that cached size were added to the buffers. Thus I suspect that it is
missing. Utilities like xosview could need it. What about adding?

An other thing in xosview is the serial port monitor that directly
accesses the I/O ports. Isn't there an ioctl() to get this? If not,
how about adding one? (Ted?)