Re: Java and the FSSTND

Darrin R. Smith (
Sun, 12 May 1996 15:07:13 -0400

Albert Cahalan wrote:
> Now that Linux supports Java in the OS, it is a standard part of
> Linux. As such, it no longer belongs in /usr/local. This bit
> of code should be changed:
> #define _PATH_JAVA "/usr/local/java/bin/java"
> #define _PATH_APPLET "/usr/local/java/bin/appletviewer"
> #define _PATH_BASH "/bin/bash"
> Something like this would be better:
> #define _PATH_JAVA "/usr/bin/java"
> #define _PATH_APPLET "/usr/bin/appletviewer"
> #define _PATH_BASH "/bin/bash"

I know it's another file /etc, but would anyone be interested in
creating /etc/java.config or /etc/ on tastes).
This really shouldn't be hard coded(IMHO).