Re: Bad 1.3.95 interactive performance (fwd)

Terje Bergstrom (
Sat, 11 May 1996 23:04:48 +0300

> > On lightly loaded machine ncrB2L and Drew's drivers perform exactly the
> > same. When I started using X and use constantly around 10MB swap (16MB
> > memory), my system's performance went down greatly. I thought it was just
> > because of having too little memory and too many memory-hungry programs.
> If you set up the both drivers in the same configuration, you must have
> the same behaviour for your system.
> Prior to deciding to adapt Bsd driver, I had worked on the standard
> driver rel 11. I know where are the differences.

I did what you suggested and after several days of testing ncrB2L seems to
perform a lot better. Thanks for the suggestions.