Gregory L. Galloway (
Sat, 11 May 1996 10:31:56 -0400


I tried every combination of clock cycles and wait states in the
CMOS setup but could not solve my signal 11 problems. I borrowed
all kinds of memory and it still did not go away.

Since the machine is owned by work, I went and begged for a whole
new motherboard (thinking it was the cache or control circuitry
between the cpu and memory). The service guy found a spare AMD
DX4/120 lying around with no MB. I replaced my AMD DX2/80 with it
and what do you know but my signal 11 problems have gone away.
I reset the CMOS setup back to the fastest settings and everything
is still working fine.

I can only guess that the AMD DX2/80 was marginal. It probably
should have been marked DX2/66.

The service guy went and ordered me a Cyrix 5X86/120 w/ a new FIC MB
just to be safe. I'm running that now with no problems.

All of this was with Linux 1.3.97.


Gregory L. Galloway
Research Scientist I