Re: old kernels too stable

Scott Jennings (
10 May 1996 21:36:05 GMT

Gokhan UNEL ( wrote:

> Maybe it will be somehow out of the current discussion, but i
> want to write it. For two weeks i was in my home institue
> where we have 1.2.3 and alot of good stuff. They are so happy
> with it that they refused to upgrade to a newer kernel and
> programs. i could not convince even 1 person.

I had a machine here running 1.2.10 for 150 days uptime. Sure
hurt to reboot it, but it needed hardware upgrades.

I wonder if that kind of reliablility will be seen again before 1.4.8 or so..

Of course this machine was in constant use as a firewalled syslog
repository, and ps showed syslogd at 90+% of cpu
constantly... whereas after rebooting (same kernel) it calmed
down considerably, fluctuating between 3 and 50% .... so 1.2.10
isn't exactly flawless...