SUperMicro P55T2S 430HX MBs

James H. Cloos Jr. (
Sat, 11 May 1996 20:35:08 -0500

Has anyone had any luck with the P55T2S MBs and current kernels?

I just installed Picasso on one, using one of the 1.3.57 prebuilt
kernels. I then tried to compile 1.3.100 to use the box's 3c590,
but every time I try to boot anything but the 57, the box crashes
and reboots.

I can get to the SVGA menu ok with a vga=ask argument on the LILO
prompt, but after selecting the video mode it writes the `booting
the kernel' line. Then the screen clears for a second or so. At
that point it reboots. Booting w/o vga options is the same.

The box has a pair of 16x32 60ns SIMMS, and I've tried all of the
bios settings that seemed relevant. Turning off the external a/o
interal cache was unhelpful.

The interesting thing is that I had earlier been able to boot the
box using a 1.3.98 and then a 1.3.100 on the (LOADLIN based) boot
floppy, but the ramdisk always failed. I was therefore forced to
use the prebuilt 1.3.57 to do the install.

Thoughts? Comments? Insights? Anyone?


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