Re: 8390 support in late 1.3.9x kernels

Axel Kohlmeyer (
Fri, 10 May 1996 08:30:56 +0200

> In 1.3.99, the 8390 support seems completely broken, and 1.3.98 it was
> marginally usable. In '99, eth0: WD8013 reports 0x300 as the IO
> address, but in ifconfig, it says 0x310. Really strange. In '98,
it's not strange, but a way to handle 8390 on SMC cards. it's been there
with every kernel i know.

> ethernet seems to crash randomly or become really slow. Transfer rates
> dropped to half what it was in the 1.3.70-series kernels. Wierd... Any
> ideas what's happening?
hmm. no problems here with my SMC Ultra. with 1.3.99 it has become even
faster than before.


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