Re: Printing with .98?

Brad Pepers (
Thu, 9 May 1996 22:38:20 -0600 (MDT)

> > I encountered the same problem with 1.3.98. Watching the busy light
> > on my printer, it stayed on steadily instead of blinking normally.
> > There's clearly been a screwup somewhere. I haven't tried .97 on
> > this machine; I used to run developmental kernels on a different
> > machine which I no longer have available, and it wasn't connected
> > to the printer.
> I'm running 1.3.99 with the old printer driver as well. The new one seems
> to work but I happen to need my printer fully functional. Changing the
> print support during the code freeze comes in the category of "not smart".
> Can we save it until 2.1 unless there is some real reason and common
> species of broken printer that we have to fix for ?
> Alan

Caldera installs a patched 1.2.13 that includes modifications to the lp
driver to check for offline properly. So far I have seen no complaints
from Caldera users that their printers don't work so I would think its
fairly stable. I had been meaning to ask why it wasn't in the 1.3.x
kernels but hadn't got around to it when I starting seeing that some
changes had been put in that weren't working.

So - the Caldera patch seems to work great for me and I would guess
has had lots of testing so why not use it?

Thanks and sorry if I'm out to lunch on this!

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