libg++ and ldconfig

Nicholas J. Leon (
Fri, 10 May 1996 10:19:05 -0400 (EDT)

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Yesterday I received my first oops in about 3 months. So when I
decided to recompile kysmoops, I realized I didn't have libg++
installed, so I went to tsx-11, got the most recent version (which I
could only find in bin form), installed it and look what happened:

35 libs found in cache `/etc/' (version 1.7.0)
[ cut cut cut ]
33 - ELF lQ23ios8seek_diri => /usr/lib/
34 - ELF lQ23ios8seek_diri => /usr/lib/
35 - ELF Fix16_abort__FRs => /usr/lib/

Isn't THAT interesting? Needless to say, any program I compile and
link to those libs don't work.

Right now I'm downloading 2.7.0a from Sunsite (at a whopping
200bytes/s). I /assume/ that when I compile it myself all with be

But I'm wondering two things:
1. where can I get the source for the most recent version of libg++?
2. What do you think caused the naming error above??

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