Re: NTFS Filesystem?

Joseph Dickson (
Thu, 09 May 1996 15:40:25 -0400

On Mon, 06 May 1996 09:20:43 +0200, Paolo Pierini writes:
>(ok, shame on me, but please don't start a flame war asking me why
>I have WNT installed on my machine :-) )

At least it's not 95 - WNT is at least a reasonable OS. :)

>I would also like, however, to have access to the NTFS disk on
>the system. Is this possible? Or, I should say, is somebody
>working on that? I guess it's not a straightforward thing
>and not many people want it in the first place...

I believe, though I've never had the chance to try this myself, that if you
mount the ntfs partition as an hpfs partition, you will gain read only
access to the volume.. I think someone is working on NTFS specific
read/write operations, though, so don't despair...

Joseph Dickson