Re: Linux logo

Herbert Wengatz (
Thu, 09 May 1996 18:08:29 +0200

+> Jay Vaughan:
+> : My vote goes for a penguin on an iceberg, with the sinking Windows flag
+> Do you really think Windows is so important that the Windows flag should
+> be shown in the Linux logo?
+> A logo must be simple.
+> A logo must be positive.

What about a shining, tough, big (raytraced?), golden Figure - imagine it like
the "Oscar" for the movies, but: It's a penguin !!!! :-))))))))) With
"Linux 96" inscribed in the base.

Don't try to beat, push, kick or mutilate anyone in a logo (even if we all feel
like doing so.. ;-) ). This shows only bad manners and childish behaviour.

Just as Jay said: Be positive!


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