keyboard problems

Aaron Crane (
Thu, 9 May 1996 15:14:09 GMT

Hi. Sorry if this is a FAQ or very old or something, but in a recent
frenzy of upgrades (hardware and software) I moved to 1.3.9[67] from
1.3.22. Under the latest kernels, I get mysterious "keyboard error"
messages when typing if the system is under heavy load. (Or even if it's
just swapping something.) They seem more common when I use the arrow and
editing keys.

The errors show up in the logs. One of them also managed to embed a
mysterious high-bit character in a file while I was using GNU emacs, which
caused my shell script to fail in bizarre ways.

The message comes from linux/drivers/char/keyboard.c; the change log at the
top of that file says the last change was in October 95, so perhaps it's
strange that no-one else has reported it if it's a kernel problem. Perhaps
its a flaky keyboard or motherboard? Please don't hesitate to ask for more
info if needed.

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