Re: Java in OS?

Tomas Andersson (
Wed, 08 May 1996 00:03:55 +0200

RAMPOD SW Development wrote:
> Ok, I'll shut-up, since I am completely off subject.
> This is the linux-java-bsd-c-c++-mud-freeVMS-cajun-cooking-kernel-list, right?
> -MS

You don't have to shut-up; however, you praise C++ in the sense that it does not require you to adopt
some "ad hoc" object-oriented design of your system, in my mind it doesn't require you to think in
such terms at all. My belief is (more or less) that whenever you design an oject-oriented language,
you have to pay the price (performance) somwhere along the line, and my opinion is that the
developers of C++ paid that price a bit to early and sacrificed the fundamental reason to even
implement an object-oriented language in the first place. You can accomplish the same functionality
with C (more or less).