Who is root@baroque.co.uk ?

Meir Dukhan (meir@bis.co.il)
Wed, 08 May 1996 11:06:46 +0200

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I receive many messages twice, one from their original sender and one
from root@baroque.co.uk.

The problem seem to be present only on linux-kernel and/or linux-scsi.

Is it a bug or something else %-)


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On Fri, 3 May 1996, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:
> May 3 10:29:06 vineland kernel: free_one_pmd: bad directory entry
> 00400000
> sometimes in clusters of as many as 14 (though the directory entry
> number varies, it's always 00200000, 00400000 or 00800000).

This looks like a traditional one-bit memory error - either in cache or
in main memory. It should probably be all zero's (meaning "no page
directory" which is pretty normal ), but it has gotten corrupted, so..

> The message that I saw that got me to write this email (reformatted):
> EXT2-fs error (device 08:01): ext2_find_entry: bad entry in directory
> #101620: inode out of bounds - offset=12 inode=4194306, rec_len=12,
> name_len=2

The inode number is 4194306 = 0x00400002. Again, it looks like it should
probably be just a plain "2" which is the normal ext2 root inode number,
but something corrupted it and set one bit in the number (note how it's
the same 00400000 bit again..)