1.3.97 hangs with NMI on bootup.

Paul Gortmaker (unix-l@inacom.com)
Mon, 6 May 96 11:04:26 CDT


I am compiling the 1.3.9X kernels on my Gateway P5-90 (overclocked to
100MHz) with 32MB RAM, Adaptech 2940 controller, Fujitsu 1.08GB HD. While
compiling various versions of the 1.3.9X (where X in 4..7), I would get the
error from the arch/i386/kernel/traps.c that says (in part) "Uhhuh. NMI
received. Dazed and confused". I was running a straight 1.3.97 kernel
from a new source tree (after I turned on the 2940 support), and when I
turned off the "PCI bridge optimization (experimental)" the machine would
boot fine.
The system would hang right after the line "VFS: Mounted root" line
and did not get to the "Adding Swap: 33788k." Is there anything I can do
to try and get the NMI to show itself? I don't have a non-SCSI disk to
boot off of so I am limited in that respect.