Kernel names . . .

Aaron Tiensivu (
Thu, 9 May 1996 01:18:34 -0400 (EDT)

I think the best solution to come down the pipeline for the names was the
simple script that could be added to your rc scripts.. not in the actual
kernel.. icky..

Admittedly juvenile, but funny none-the-less is replacing one of the "drugs"
[i.e. LSD] in the list with "your mom"

If you replaced "Jolt Cola" with "your mom", 1.3.99 becomes "Greased Hedgehog
on your mom"

Now the real reason I'm posting:

Has anyone had any strange problems with hard-drives on secondary IDE ports? I
have an old old Seagate 211MB IDE drive that fails the IRQ probe and sends the
kernel into a tail-spin with "irq timeout / ide1: reset success / irq timeout"
If I specifically tell the kernel the specs and everything, it goes into the
death-spiral, same thing with "hdc=noprobe"

Stick it on a primary controller and it works fine.. this is on a UMC/Winbond
based VLB dual-controller, also.