Re: linux on HFS? why not HPFS instead?

Paul H. Hargrove (
Tue, 07 May 1996 19:47:07 -0700

Matthias Urlichs ( wrote:
> Unfortunately, you cannot create a case sensitive HFS file system. HFS is
> specified to be case preserving. A Macintosh would have a severe case of
> indigestion if you fed it with a directory in which you have created both
> "Makefile" and "makefile".
> On a case-preserving file system, of course, your Makefile would still be
> fount when you type M<tab>. But the only reasonably compatible way to deal
> with this issue is to have the HFS file system return an error if you try
> to create a makefile when Makefile exists.

That is what the current HFS module for Linux does. You get
EEXIST if you try to create 'makefile' when 'Makefile' exists in the same
directory. (which is stretching the truth only slightly). The idea of an
Extended HFS (EHFS) would involve some sort of name mangling to allow them
to coexist, perhaps making one of them something like 'MAKEFILE00001'.

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