Re: 1.3.98 and floppy.o

Jason Mathison (
Tue, 07 May 1996 15:04:34 -0500

Adrian Portelli wrote:
> Hi,
> This could be a problem with gcc as I just upgraded to gcc-3.7.2p and
> libc 5.3.9 but this combination has compiled the last couple of
> kernels (1.3.96-7) and other program fine for me. The problem seems
> to be with the driver for the floppy disk drive. On a "make zImage"
> the first time it will crash out but if you do a "make zImage" again
> it will compile the rest of the kernel but on booting it gives error
> messages of unresolved symbols in floppy.o but everything else works fine.
> Any way here's what I get when compiling the kernel:


> Any Ideas ?
> Ta.
> Adrian

I had this same problem as well, the fix was downloading the newest gcc
pentium tar, it fixed the problem.