Re: [PATCH] ieee80211: Print human-readable disassoc/deauth reasoncodes

From: Larry Finger
Date: Fri Feb 07 2014 - 10:46:40 EST

On 02/07/2014 06:53 AM, Kalle Valo wrote:
Johannes Berg <johannes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

On Wed, 2014-02-05 at 19:44 -0600, Calvin Owens wrote:
Create a function to return a descriptive string for each reason code,
and print that instead of the numeric value in the kernel log. These
codes are easily found on popular search engines, but one is generally
not able to access the internet when dealing with wireless connectivity

I believe both iw and wpa_supplicant already have the reason code
printout, and if you're diagnosing connectivity issues then you're
probably using those anyway (e.g. iw event -t), so I don't really see
much point in adding this to the kernel?

FWIW I find this useful. When I have connection problems I rarely look
at wpasupplicant, mostly I'm so lazy that I just check from the kernel
log what's happening. Just my 0.02 EUR.

I would also find it useful. I assist with wireless problems on the openSUSE Forum, and there we are lucky if we get dmesg output. When we do and it contains a deauthentication reason, I always need to bring up a web page to interpret the output. With this change, one step could be skipped.

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