Inode entry of a process in /proc/pid changes

From: navin p
Date: Thu Feb 06 2014 - 09:57:35 EST

I am running RHEL 6.4 on 2.6 linux x64 on one of our customer server.
When there is a stress or the server is highly loaded by one of the backup
agents the inode number (got from ls -i /proc/<pid> or ls -i
/proc/<pid>/task/<tid> ) changes. If you don't put any stress/load on the
system , the inode number remains intact.
I have a few questions for troubleshooting this problem .

1) Can /proc be mounted so that the inode numbers of a process and its
tasks (threads) don't changed unless it is a new process ?

2) How is the proc file system created /freed and subentries under it?

3)Why do the inode numbers change. I understand for a newly created process
it could have a new inode number but for a long running process like init
why does it change ever ?

Can someone point out source links to the latest kernel version so that i
can understand it better ?

Thank you,
Navin Parakkal
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