Re: igb and bnx2: "NETDEV WATCHDOG: transmit queue timed out" whenskb has huge linear buffer

From: Zoltan Kiss
Date: Thu Feb 06 2014 - 04:58:41 EST

On 05/02/14 20:43, Andrew Cooper wrote:
On 05/02/2014 20:23, Zoltan Kiss wrote:
On 04/02/14 19:47, Michael Chan wrote:
On Fri, 2014-01-31 at 14:29 +0100, Zoltan Kiss wrote:
[ 5417.275472] WARNING: at net/sched/sch_generic.c:255
[ 5417.275474] NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth1 (bnx2): transmit queue 2 timed out

The dump shows an internal IRQ pending on MSIX vector 2 which matches
the the queue number that is timing out. I don't know what happened to
the MSIX and why the driver is not seeing it. Do you see an IRQ error
message from the kernel a few seconds before the tx timeout message?

I haven't seen any IRQ related error message. Note, this is on Xen
4.3.1. Now I have new results with a reworked version of the patch,
unfortunately it still has this issue. Here is a bnx2 dump, lspci
output and some Xen debug output (MSI and interrupt bindings, I have
more if needed).

You need debug-keys 'Q' as well to map between the PCI devices and Xen IRQs


I could have it after reboot:

(XEN) [2014-02-06 09:44:34] 0000:02:00.0 - dom 0 - MSIs < 64 65 66 67 68 69 >

So the relevant MSI informations:

(XEN) [2014-02-05 20:15:20] MSI-X 64 vec=d7 fixed edge assert phys cpu dest=00000022 mask=1/0/0
(XEN) [2014-02-05 20:15:20] MSI-X 65 vec=ba fixed edge assert phys cpu dest=00000000 mask=1/0/0
(XEN) [2014-02-05 20:15:20] MSI-X 66 vec=92 fixed edge assert phys cpu dest=00000022 mask=1/0/0
(XEN) [2014-02-05 20:15:20] MSI-X 67 vec=3a fixed edge assert phys cpu dest=00000021 mask=1/0/0
(XEN) [2014-02-05 20:15:20] MSI-X 68 vec=b8 fixed edge assert phys cpu dest=00000022 mask=1/0/0
(XEN) [2014-02-05 20:15:20] MSI-X 69 vec=2a fixed edge assert phys cpu dest=00000020 mask=1/1/1
(XEN) [2014-02-05 20:15:22] IRQ: 64 affinity:00000004 vec:d7 type=PCI-MSI/-X status=00000030 in-flight=0 domain-list=0:304(---),
(XEN) [2014-02-05 20:15:22] IRQ: 65 affinity:00000100 vec:ba type=PCI-MSI/-X status=00000010 in-flight=0 domain-list=0:303(---),
(XEN) [2014-02-05 20:15:22] IRQ: 66 affinity:00000004 vec:92 type=PCI-MSI/-X status=00000010 in-flight=0 domain-list=0:302(---),
(XEN) [2014-02-05 20:15:22] IRQ: 67 affinity:00000002 vec:3a type=PCI-MSI/-X status=00000010 in-flight=0 domain-list=0:301(---),
(XEN) [2014-02-05 20:15:22] IRQ: 68 affinity:00000004 vec:b8 type=PCI-MSI/-X status=00000030 in-flight=0 domain-list=0:300(---),
(XEN) [2014-02-05 20:15:22] IRQ: 69 affinity:00000001 vec:2a type=PCI-MSI/-X status=00000002 mapped, unbound

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