[PATCH 0/8] da9055: Driver initialisation fixes, add DT support

From: Adam Thomson
Date: Wed Feb 05 2014 - 12:55:22 EST

This patch series provides the following updates for DA9055 drivers:

- Fixes an issue with da9055 driver initialisation (conflicting device ids) of
PMIC (MFD) and CODEC drivers.
- Add initial DT support for DA9055 related drivers, including binding
- Remove conflicting use of platform_get_irq_byname() in driver probes.
- Remove unnecessary resource structures for MFD cells as a result of removing
use of platform_get_irq_byname().

Adam Thomson (8):
ASoC: da9055: Fix device registration of PMIC and CODEC devices
ASoC: da9055: Add DT support for CODEC
mfd: da9055: Add DT support for PMIC
regulator: da9055: Add DT support
onkey: da9055: Remove use of platform_get_irq_byname()
hwmon: da9055: Remove use of platform_get_irq_byname()
rtc: da9055: Remove use of platform_get_irq_byname()
mfd: da9055: Remove unused resource structures for mfd cells.

Documentation/devicetree/bindings/mfd/da9055.txt | 73 ++++++++++++++++++++
Documentation/devicetree/bindings/sound/da9055.txt | 22 ++++++
drivers/hwmon/da9055-hwmon.c | 7 +--
drivers/input/misc/da9055_onkey.c | 9 +--
drivers/mfd/da9055-core.c | 46 ------------
drivers/mfd/da9055-i2c.c | 20 +++++-
drivers/regulator/da9055-regulator.c | 59 ++++++++++++++--
drivers/rtc/rtc-da9055.c | 3 +-
sound/soc/codecs/da9055.c | 19 +++++-
9 files changed, 188 insertions(+), 70 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/mfd/da9055.txt
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/sound/da9055.txt

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