Re: [PATCH v3 2/5] ASoC: tda998x: add a codec driver for theTDA998x

From: Jean-Francois Moine
Date: Tue Feb 04 2014 - 13:59:26 EST

On Tue, 4 Feb 2014 17:54:10 +0000
Mark Brown <broonie@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Tue, Feb 04, 2014 at 06:16:05PM +0100, Jean-Francois Moine wrote:
> > Mark Brown <broonie@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > > > + /* load the optional CODEC */
> > > > + of_platform_populate(np, NULL, NULL, &client->dev);
> > > Why is this using of_platform_populate()? That's a very odd way of
> > > doing things.
> > The i2c does not populate the subnodes in the DT. I did not find why,
> > but, what is sure is that if of_platform_populate() is not called, the
> > tda CODEC module is not loaded.
> You shouldn't be representing this as a separate node in the DT unless
> there really is a distinct and reusable IP, otherwise you're putting
> Linux implementation details in there. Describe the hardware, not the
> implemementation.

If there is no 'compatible' node for the tda998x CODEC in the DT, the
simple-card is not usable, simply because you want the CODEC DAIs to be
defined by 'phandle + index' instead of by DAI name.

> > You may find an other example in drivers/mfd/twl-core.c.
> The TWL drivers aren't always a shining example of how to do things -
> they were one of the earliest MFDs so there's warts in there.
> > > > +config SND_SOC_TDA998X
> > > > + tristate
> > > > + depends on OF
> > > > + default y if DRM_I2C_NXP_TDA998X=y
> > > > + default m if DRM_I2C_NXP_TDA998X=m
> > > Make this visible if it can be selected from DT so it can be used with
> > > generic cards.
> > I don't understand. The tda CODEC can only be used with the TDA998x I2C
> > driver. It might have been included in the tda998x source as well.
> You shouldn't have the default settings there at all, that's not the
> normal idiom for MFDs. I'd also not expect to have to build the CODEC
> driver just because I built the DRM component.

As the tda998x handles audio in HDMI, it would be a pity if you should
connect an other cable to your screen.

> > Now, the CODEC is declared inside the tda998x as a node child. But, in
> > a bad DT, the tda CODEC could be declared anywhere, even inside a other
> > DRM I2C slave encoder, in which case, bad things would happen...
> So, part of the problem here is that this is being explicitly declared
> in the DT leading to more sources for error.

Simple-card constraint.

> > > What does this actually do? No information is being passed in to the
> > > core function here, not even any information on if it's starting or
> > > stopping. Looking at the rest of the code I can't help thinking it
> > > might be clearer to inline this possibly with a lookup helper, the code
> > > is very small and the lack of parameters makes it hard to follow.
> > I thought it was simple enough. The function tda_start_stop() is called
> > from 2 places:
> It's not at all obvious - _audio_update() isn't a terribly descriptive
> name, just looking at that function by itself I had no idea what it was
> supposed to be doing.

The first purpose of the function is to set the audio input port in the
tda998x. Streaming stop could have been omitted, but I thought it could
be interesting to stop HDMI audio when there is a super HiFi device
connected to the S/PDIF connector.

> > - on audio start in tda_startup with the audio type (DAI id)
> > priv->dai_id = dai->id;
> > - on audio stop with a null audio type
> > priv->dai_id = 0; /* streaming stop */
> > On stream start, the DAI id is never null, as explained in the patch 1:
> > The audio format values in the encoder configuration interface are
> > changed to non null values so that the value 0 is used in the audio
> > function to indicate that audio streaming is stopped.
> > and on streaming stop the port is not meaningful.
> > I will add a null item in the enum (AFMT_NO_AUDIO).
> So we can't use both streams simultaneously then? That's a bit sad.

That's how the NXP tda998x family works (and surely many other HDMI

So, as I understand from your remarks, the CODEC should be included in
the tda998x driver, and, then, as the simple-card cannot be used, there
should be a Cubox specific audio card driver for the (kirkwood audio +
tda998x HDMI + S/PDIF) set. Am I right?

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