Re: [PATCH,RFC] random: collect cpu randomness

From: JÃrn Engel
Date: Mon Feb 03 2014 - 13:48:11 EST

On Mon, 3 February 2014 11:37:29 -0500, Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> So we could take the struct pt_regs which we get from get_irq_regs(),
> XOR them together and use them to feed into input[2] amd input[3] in
> add_interrupt_randomness(). Or some other way of distributing the
> values of all of the irq registers into the __u32 input[4] array.
> That would probably be a good and useful thing to do. Was that
> basically what you were suggesting?



When you copy some code, you are supposed to read it. If nothing else,
there's a chance to spot and fix an obvious bug instead of sharing it...
-- Al Viro
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