Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v6] xen/grant-table: Avoid m2p_override duringmapping

From: Zoltan Kiss
Date: Mon Feb 03 2014 - 08:27:37 EST

On 03/02/14 11:57, David Vrabel wrote:


That's bad indeed. I think the best solution is to put those parts
behind an #ifdef x86. The ones moved from x86/p2m.c to grant-table.c.
David, Stefano, what do you think?
I don't think we want (more) #ifdef CONFIG_X86 in grant-table.c and the
arch-specific bits will have to factored out into their own functions
with suitable stubs provided for ARM.

I've just sent in v7 with stubs, I guess that's something you suggested. Please review it, I'm especially curious about your thoughts regarding the new function name.

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