From Mrs. Tan Ruby

From: Mrs.Tan Ruby
Date: Sun Feb 02 2014 - 13:11:54 EST

As you read this letter, please don't feel bad, because I believe
everyone will die some day. My name is Mrs. Tan Ruby I have been
suffering from ovarian cancer Disease and the doctor says that I have
just few days to live on earth. I am From Singapore, but based in
Burkina Faso, Africa since for over ten years now as a business woman
dealing with cotton exportation, now that I am about to end the race
like this, without any family members and no child.

I have $5.3 Million US DOLLARS in Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA)
which I Instructed the bank to give African union leaders to help sick
people Around Africa. But my mind is not at rest because I am writing
this now through the help of my nurse beside me here in my hospital

I also have $2.7 Million US Dollars in another bank (ECOBANK) in
Burkina Faso which I want you to claim from the bank and use it to
help the less privilege People in your country, but you must assure me
that you will take only 60% of the total money and give the remaining
40% to the Charity organization and orphanage home in your country for
my heart to rest. This is my promise to God so that my spirit will
rest in peace.

Upon the receipt of your email that you are willing and capable to
Execute my plan, i will instruct the bank management to make the
Immediate transfer into your account.

Please aways reply me on my private email.(mrs.tanruby22@xxxxxxxxx)

Your friend,

Mrs. Tan Ruby
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