[PATCH 0/8] memcg-vs-slab related fixes, improvements, cleanups

From: Vladimir Davydov
Date: Sun Feb 02 2014 - 11:37:30 EST


This patch set mostly cleanups memcg slab caches creation/destruction
paths fixing a couple of bugs in the meanwhile. However, it does
introduce some functional changes. First, it changes the memcg caches
naming convention (see patch 2). Second, it reworks sysfs layout for
memcg slub caches (see patch 6).

Comments are appreciated.


Vladimir Davydov (8):
memcg: export kmemcg cache id via cgroup fs
memcg, slab: remove cgroup name from memcg cache names
memcg, slab: never try to merge memcg caches
memcg, slab: separate memcg vs root cache creation paths
slub: adjust memcg caches when creating cache alias
slub: rework sysfs layout for memcg caches
memcg, slab: unregister cache from memcg before starting to destroy
memcg, slab: do not destroy children caches if parent has aliases

include/linux/memcontrol.h | 13 +--
include/linux/slab.h | 9 +-
include/linux/slub_def.h | 3 +
mm/memcontrol.c | 85 +++++++------------
mm/slab.h | 36 ++++----
mm/slab_common.c | 194 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------
mm/slub.c | 121 +++++++++++++++++++++------
7 files changed, 277 insertions(+), 184 deletions(-)


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