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From: Prabhakar Lad
Date: Thu Jan 23 2014 - 04:06:41 EST

Hi Mark,

I see a issue with one of the davinci boards, where regulator_get() fails
from this patch "regulator: core: Provide a dummy regulator with full
as I see regulator_get() supports dummy regulators by default.

So currently I am booting it traditional way (NON DT way) and
fails (return NULL) and for this check it fails.

+ if (ret && ret != -ENODEV) {
regulator = ERR_PTR(ret);
goto out;
In the NON-DT case the 'ret' is never updated in regulator_dev_lookup().

I tried adding regulator_has_full_constraints(); call in .init_machine
but results
the same. Any pointer would be helpfull.

--Prabhakar Lad
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