Re: VDSO support for 32bit time functions

From: Stefani Seibold
Date: Tue Jan 21 2014 - 16:12:48 EST

Hi Grek,

On Monday, the 20.01.2014, 23:51 -0800 wrote Greg KH:
> Hi Stefani,
> About a year ago you posted a big patch to implement VDSO support for
> 32bit functions, and the response was a request to clean it up a bit by
> breaking up the generic bits into a series to make it easier to review /
> apply.
> The patch I'm referring to can be found here:
> Did that ever happen?

I have revamped the patch, but the request for the IA32_EMULATION is
still pending. I have now a solution for this which i had already
implemented, but i need to do some tests.

> If not, any specific reason why? Do you have a newer version somewhere
> for "modern" kernel versions?

Currently my latest version is for 3.10, but i think i can bring it to
3.13. I will do this next weekend and post the patch.

> If you're not interested in this anymore, mind if I take it up based on
> your last version?

I am interested since i must port again and again to the next kernel
version for my devices.

Your support will be welcome.

> I'm getting some complaints that this type of thing would really be good
> as 32bit gettimeofday() on 64bit kernels is really slow (65 nanoseconds
> on 32bit vs. 17 nanoseconds on 64bit on a high-end i7 processor.)

Stay tune until next week.

- Stefani

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