Re: [linux-sunxi] Re: [RFC PATCH 0/9] mtd: nand: add sunxi NANDFlash Controller support

From: Henrik Nordström
Date: Tue Jan 21 2014 - 15:56:24 EST

tis 2014-01-21 klockan 19:13 +0100 skrev Henrik NordstrÃm:
> > Are you sure ?
> > This thread says that only the first 1024 bytes of data (+ 96 bytes of
> > ECC) of each page are used:
> yes I am sure. There was no page access commands between the sectors,
> only linear read of data,ecc,data,ecc.

Hmm.. but thinking back I am no longer so sure. Need to test this again
while verifying with logic probe what is going on.


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